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Blue Blood 

Just when you thought you had heard it all when it came to Christmas Carols…think again.

So it’s Christmas Night and everyone is merrily playing with presents, happy faces glowing. But Santa’s down in the dumps, his job is done, the reindeer are back in the stable and the elves are fast asleep, so what does he do to make himself feel better? He pours himself a large bourbon and plugs his trusty Gibson Les Paul into a dusty old valve amp. First a hum, then a crackle, then boom…

St Nick’s got the Blues and now we’re all gonna hear about it.

In a unique take on the sound of Christmas, ten of our best-loved carols are given the ultimate Blues guitar treatment.

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen opens a little canned heat and emerges as a blues wailin’ showstopper; while Silent Night channels Peter Green to reveal itself as a majestic dustbowl anthem. Who knew, right? O Tannenbaum is re-imagined in a smoke-filled dive bar at four in the morning; I Saw Three Ships finds the common ground between Slide Blues and Gypsy Jazz; and Deck the Halls is a-rockin' romp straight out of Chuck Berry’s sack of goodies.

You can buy St Nick’s Got The Blues, released in December 2014, but is a festive delight each year. 

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