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Having achieved much success on box office hits as music supervisors and producers from 2018-2023, Mighty Village Film has now launched a film development side to the business. Several feature film scripts are currently in development, being either co-written or co-produced by a member of our team.

Mighty Village Film specialises in developing British Independent films, showcasing unique stories between the budget of £1 - 6 million. Sticking true to our roots with all films have a strong musical element to them.

Scripts available on request. 

Film's currently in development include:


Candy Apple Red

Across six decades, seven strangers share one thing in common - they’re all the keepers of a lost soul, searching for a home - a Candy Apple Red Fender telecaster.


From its birth in California in 1963, the guitar travels across borders and cultural revolutions, falling into the hands of a spectrum of owners, who each imprint their stories upon its strings. The Candy Apple Red bears witness to broken hearts, shattered dreams and the struggle for fulfilment. It plays to an audience of none in teenage bedrooms, the pulse of a crowd in sticky-floored venues and all that’s in between. 


Candy Apple Red is a love story, an instrument intertwined with its player, symbolising resilience, hope and a beautiful catalyst to dreams. But amidst the turmoil of changing hands, will the guitar ever fulfil its destiny to grace the legendary stages that it was made for? Will it be reunited with the player that cherishes it the most? And in the end, does the owner play the guitar or does it play them? 

The cast for Candy Apple Red will be made up of both actors and musicians, brought together by their love of guitars and the musical eras the narrative embodies. 

The score for the soundtrack will be composed by the Youtube guitar community, creating an amazing musical backdrop to the film and simultaneously a vast marketing opportunity. 

The Gulati Tartan


British Comedy-Drama The Gulati Tartan is a tale of unlikely friendship and the search for home. Elvis impersonator Jonny Gulati becomes a carer in an old people’s home, hoping a ‘normal job’ will provide the stability his wayward daughter Ava needs. When the pair find themselves homeless the care home manager, Grace, reluctantly allows Ava and Jonny to live on site for a month. Jonny has the resident’s jiving to ‘Hound Dog’, while 8-year-old Ava forms both a band and a bond with 79-year-old ex-Royal Scots Dragoon Guard, Hamish McDonald, making them both feel like they belong. 


But with unpaid debts catching up with him and Ava hell-bent on finding out their family’s past, Jonny finds his ‘showbiz’ alter-ego hard to leave behind. Just as his friendship with Grace blooms into something more, he goes behind her back in a final attempt to make it big and solve his money worries.


Against a majestic musical background of bagpipes and Elvis, The Gulati Tartan is a story fuelled by tears, laughter, and the discovery that we’re all branches from the same tree. 


Mel's Angels 

For their 30th anniversary, Nurse Mel Lee surprises her husband by getting leathered up and signing up to learn to ride one of his classic motorbikes.


But the dream of driving wheel to wheel into the sunset is crushed when Neil drops the bombshell that he's come out …as a cyclist. Neil wants to live a healthy life; Mel just wants to live life. She takes to the tarmac with four friends from her darts team in a madcap scheme to save her marriage. But discovers that life is a road; you swerve the potholes, lean into the bends, and throw your head back to enjoy the ride because sometimes the only thing you can save is yourself.

Park Lane 

Natalie O’Rourke grew up as a lonely misfit in Birmingham until she stepped into a horses’ stirrups at a school fete and found her place in the world. Years later, she single-handedly takes over an urban stables in London, with eternal positivity in the face of hardship, she transforms the run-down stables into a flourishing business, creating not only a home for herself at Park Lane but a place for children and adults with disabilities additional needs and anyone that needs a friend. 


But when Park Lane’s landlord puts the stables up on the market, its horses and their humans face eviction unless they can find £1 million to buy the plot. Can Natalie’s efforts stretch further than her Park Lane community and win the support of the entire nation in one woman’s heroic fight to save her home?

Adapted from the book Only Heroes and Horses (2022)

The Pink Moon Arias


At 62, Bernadette, a recently redundant music journalist returns to her childhood home after her mother dies. Attempting to piece together what she left behind forty years before, Bernadette rediscovers her late father's Nick Drake vinyl collection. Transported back to her teenage years, she immerses herself in the nostalgic soundtrack that fuelled her dreams of escape from her small town and was a catalyst to her career in music, a path her mother always hated.


Bernadette also discovers her inheritance is a dilapidated theatre, home to her mother’s beloved operatic society, a style of music Bernadette has always despised. The theatre comes with a small community of steadfast locals, counting on Bernadette to uphold her mother’s legacy. 


As she confronts her long-forgotten past, and navigates her present, does Bernadette sell up in favour of a much-needed cash injection into her retirement? Or choose to keep the flame of her mother's legacy burning?


A story of community, family ties and childhood dreams, with Bernadette's journey mirroring the haunting melodies and poignant lyrics of Nick Drake’s music, reimagined by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and opera singers from around the world.

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