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Having achieved much success on box office hits as music supervisors and producers, Mighty Village now has over 10 feature film scripts in development, being either co-written or co-produced. All films have a strong musical element to them and have been co-written by a member of our team, or developed in some way by Mighty Village. 


The Gulati Tartan


British Comedy-Drama The Gulati Tartan is a tale of unlikely friendship and the search for home. Elvis impersonator Jonny Gulati becomes a carer in an old people’s home, hoping a ‘normal job’ will provide the stability his wayward daughter Ava needs. When the pair find themselves homeless the care home manager, Grace, reluctantly allows Ava and Jonny to live on site for a month. Jonny has the resident’s jiving to ‘Hound Dog’, while 8-year-old Ava forms both a band and a bond with 79-year-old ex-Royal Scots Dragoon Guard, Hamish McDonald, making them both feel like they belong. 


But with unpaid debts catching up with him and Ava hell-bent on finding out their family’s past, Jonny finds his ‘showbiz’ alter-ego hard to leave behind. Just as his friendship with Grace blooms into something more, he goes behind her back in a final attempt to make it big and solve his money worries. Against a majestic musical background of bagpipes and Elvis, The Gulati Tartan is a story fuelled by tears, laughter, and the discovery that we’re all branches from the same tree. 


Filming - October 2023


Mel’s Angels


60 something Mel Lee tries to reignite the spark she and her motorbike-mad husband Neil have lost through the years. As a surprise for their anniversary, she books motorbike riding lessons and meticulously plans a road trip around Ireland, where they first kissed 50 years ago. To Mel’s dismay, Neil has no interest in leaving their postcode and the real sting? He thinks she can’t learn to ride a bike 'at her age’.  She’s set to abandon the idea, until her four best friends’ step in; dodgy hips and bumpy roads aside, they leather up and set off for the ride of their lives, proving that it’s never too late to try new adventures and fall in love with being alive.   


Filming - April 2024


Candy Apple Red      


Candy Apple Red is the ‘biopic’ of an electric guitar, a sixty-year journal from 1963 to 2023. Not just any old guitar; a Fender Telecaster in Candy Apple Red. The fire-starter of cultural revolutions, a six-string orchestra and as Keith Richards said - a weapon. We travel with it as she passes through the hands of seven different owners. All leaving their own distinctive stories in the wood and wire. From teenage bedrooms to sticky floor venues to iconic stages and every place in between. 


Filming - September 2024



Christmas Town


Full length animated feature in partnership with Factory (The Clangers, Fifi & The Flowerpots, Roary the Racing Car). This is a musical feature for all ages. The little Welsh village of Morten Bray decides to have Christmas Day…every day. 

The Players 

A roguish company of strolling players face real-life comedy and tragedy as they fight, act and banter around South-West England. When a flamboyant, vengeful ex-member turns up, the Players must protect what they love - but at what cost?

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