The Earth Orchestra has been a momentous task to complete, finding a musician from every country on the planet to play on one record. This idea seemed impossible, but we are very near to completing it. The mantra for the Orchestra is 'Together is Beautiful' and we wanted to produce something that had music as the universal language at its core, celebrating and appreciating different cultures, countries and people. 

The brilliant George Fenton (Blue Planet, Gandi, Planet Earth), was called in to compose the track, which will be released in the coming months. There is also a documentary in production which has been following the making of this unique project. Click below to see the trailer. 

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The Earth Orchestra has now been three years in the making, with our team working tirelessly to be in contact with all 197 countries. We have nearly got all the countries on the planet to perform on the track. However, we still have a few to go. Please head over to our Facebook page to see more information and see if you can help us. 

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