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During a time of unprecedented division in the world, award-winning composer George Fenton (Gandhi (1982) Cry Freedom (1987) Planet Earth (2006)) brings together 197 musicians from 197 countries as they recount their individual journeys and attempt a project so large, many deemed it impossible.


Amongst others, the film follows Raghad, a violist who used music as a means of escape from war-torn Syria; Zuhal, a pianist who initiated the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq and Victor, Michael & Jally, from Mongolia, Romania & The Gambia respectively who all have ‘music in their blood’. Jally can trace his musical roots back as far as 75 generations. 


While George and his team face logistical and technical challenges, the project conveys the potency of music as not only an artform, but also a way of life. In a time of extreme global polarisation, the creation of the first global orchestra celebrates the differences of people and cultures from around the world, whilst simultaneously highlighting the striking similarities and harmonies of humanity as a whole. The Earth Orchestra proves that music is the global language by creating a piece of music with a representative from every country in the world. 

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