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Welcome to Calm Collective, a series of new albums featuring specially composed music and words, bringing affordable mindfulness therapy to everyone. Whether you are dealing with the pressures of everyday life and anxiety, battling sleepless nights and tearful babies, the Calm Collective is designed to bring help to everyone. 


Some of the Calm Collective songs include: 


Sleepy Ocean - Fall asleep to the relaxing sounds of the sea.

Study Beats - Concentrate your mind on work or studying. 

Healing Relaxation - Restore your brain with these soothing sounds. 

Relaxation Acoustic Guitar - A twangy tune to get you through any day. 

Calm Commute - Relaxing your mind when you are squashed on the way to work. 

Relaxing Piano - Classic piano tinkles helping to release the stress from your head.

Mindful - Calm, Happiness, Love - These guided meditations help to channel you to truly feel all of these emotions. 

Calming Noise - When you need to be reminded just to take a breath.

Deep Sleep - Aiding you to not only fall asleep but to get the most restful night you possibly can. 

Baby Sleep - For your little ones, play this to help them drift off and more importantly - stay asleep!  

Sounds of Nature - Even if you’re in the middle of the city, plug your headphones in to transport yourself into nature.

Inner Calm - Truly feel relief both outside of your body and inside. 


You can listen on Spotify now. 

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