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Kate Rusby

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Of all the stars in Folk music’s wondrous firmament, few shine as brightly as Yorkshire’s Kate Rusby.


A remarkable interpretive singer, Kate’s soulful vocals resonate with the wistful beauty of an earthbound angel. Inhabiting a lyric with unforced conviction – no matter how old or how modern – she has that rare ability to transport her audience, of touching them emotionally and making each tune live vividly within their experience and imagination.


The crossover appeal Kate enjoys is unprecedented for a folk singer and has been achieved without resort to compromise. Rusby’s wondrous singing and hugely engaging Yorkshire wit and the intuitive support of the band ensure that listeners will be treated to a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience.


‘Everybody loves and respects Kate Rusby, not just for her lovely voice, but for the way she has moved folk forward while remaining true to tradition…’ – Sunday Times 2012


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