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'A Christmas Carol' read by

Simon Callow with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band

On 1 December 2017, Island Records marked the 175 anniversary of Charles Dickens’ immortal classic A Christmas Carol - celebrated actor Simon Callow and current national brass band champions The Brighouse and Rastrick Band joined forces to release a very special album. 


Originally self-published by Dickens in 1843, his legendary Christmas tale is now beautifully and dramatically presented afresh by using music to enhance Simon Callow’s superb narration on CD one. A second CD features all of the well-loved full-length Christmas carols performed by The Brighouse and Rastrick Band. The album includes Silent Night, Away In A Manger and O Come All Ye Faithful to name just a few.


In December 2016 Simon Callow performed a one-man version of 'A Christmas Carol' at the Arts Theatre. Directed by Tom Cairns, Simon’s performance was critically praised for its heart-warming and deeply moving festive storytelling of one of the most beloved works in literature, which has become a festive staple for many generations. Now, Simon Callow has taken his theatrical extravaganza adaptation and tells the famous story of Ebeneezer Scrooge for listeners to enjoy on CD this holiday season on his debut Christmas album.


Simon Callow said: “Charles Dickens is one of the supreme storytellers of all time; it’s always been a joy for me to perform not just the characters and the dialogue but to speak in the uniquely compelling voice of the author himself. It’s been wonderful to come back again, for new listeners and to old, to the timeless place in all our hearts that ‘A Christmas Carol’ occupies, this time  with the addition of marvellously stirring music to accompany what is a  story that will never cease to be relevant, moving and funny for as long as stories are told.”


Simon Callow has always had a strong passion for Charles Dickens, having published a biography of him in 2012, along with achieving major success for his performance in The Mystery of Charles Dickens (West End and Broadway) and his portrayal as Dickens himself in BBC’s Doctor Who. Some of Simon Callow’s other well-recognised work includes his performances in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Shakespeare in Love and Amadeus

The Brighouse and Rastrick Band are considered one of the great premier brass bands having just been crowned 'National Brass Band Champions of Great Britain' at the Royal Albert Hall for the 10th time in its 137 year history. Today they are supported through fundraising efforts and subscription payments by the general public, taking pride in their reputation on being financially independent as well as having a formidable, first-class reputation for their entertaining performances.


Simon Callow’s A Christmas Carol is available to buy from Amazon. 

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