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"There aren't many words that can truly describe the beauty of seeing Earth from space. But Space Station Earth does this, using music and video, and captures the emotion of human spaceflight and exploration.” - Tim Peake

Space Station Earth is a unique live performance which shares an adventure through music and images on-board the International Space Station. Creator Ilan Eshkeri talks during the performance about his experience working with astronauts both onboard the space station and on earth, taking part in zero-gravity flights, visiting rocket launches, what he’s learnt from these experiences and how it inspired him to make Space Station Earth.


Astronauts all share an experience that shifts the way that they see things, it’s often called the 'Overview Effect'. There is a lot of science media about space flight but nothing that conveys this distinct emotional experience, until now. 


The International Space Station, the only habitat that supports human life outside of our planet, and watching our home from there, allows astronauts to appreciate how everything is connected - land, oceans, weather systems and people. You realise that the multi-national space station is a microcosm of the planet. Whilst living there you must look after the vessel you’re travelling in and your crew mates otherwise you will not survive, the same is true for all of us travelling on our planet: Space Station Earth. 

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